Discontinuation of the fax function as of 2022-06-30

Discontinuation of the fax function as of June 30, 2022

As of June 30, 2022, the fax feature of the Intra2net Business Server will be discontinued.

If you send and receive faxes through your Intra2net Business Server, you will receive more information below.

Why is the fax feature being discontinued?

In everyday office life, communication by fax is continuously losing its importance. Companies are increasingly turning to digital solutions for their communications. Under the GDPR, German data protection authorities also view the transmission of personal data via Internet-based fax solutions critically.

How do I know if the fax function is still in use?

Check on the Intra2net Business Server in the menu: "Services > Fax > Settings" if the fax function is activated.

What will happen to the fax function after June 30, 2022?

Updates for Intra2net Business Server released after June 30, 2022 will no longer include the fax feature, it will be removed when the next update is installed.

How will I be able to receive faxes in the future?

Most phone companies offer a fax receiving feature that allows you to easily forward faxes to the Intra2net Business Server via email.

Alternatively, a fax receiving feature is included in many IP PBXs and routers with VoIP capability. For this, check the manufacturer's documentation or ask the administrator in charge.

Receiving faxes can also be transferred to an external service provider. To do this, set up call forwarding to the service provider for your fax number so that you can still be reached at your existing fax number.

What alternatives are there to faxing?

In general, evaluate whether sending faxes is still necessary or whether the associated business processes can be switched to email or other communication methods.

IP telephone systems and VoIP routers may include a function for sending faxes. Alternatively, external service providers also offer the sending of faxes as usual via printer drivers.

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