Discontinuation of certification for old hardware as of 31.12.2016

We hereby terminate certification of hardware platforms with a sell date of 2007 and earlier effective 12/31/2016

The following models are discontinued:

Intranator 2200
Intranator 2300
Intranator 2400
Intranator 2500
Intranator Appliance
Intranator Appliance 10
Intranator Appliance 25
Intranator Appliance 50
Intranator Appliance 100
Intranator Appliance 250
HP ProLiant DL320 G3
HP ProLiant DL320 G4
HP ProLiant ML110 G3
HP ProLiant ML110 G4

Note: The "Intranator Appliance Pro" model is still certified.

How can you tell if your hardware is being discontinued?

Method 1:
Check the nameplate on the back of the device.
Discontinued "Intranator" units with hardware serial no. 000924-2 and below.

Method 2:
On the web interface, go to the menu "Information > System > Hardware" and compare the "Detected motherboard" entry with this list of discontinued motherboards:

MSI MS-6309
VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8601
Intel Corporation D865GLC
HP ProLiant ML110 G3
HP ProLiant ML110 G4
HP ProLiant DL320 G3
HP ProLiant DL320 G4

Why should you replace discontinued hardware?

The affected hardware has been in continuous operation for a good 10 years or more 24x7. Due to the high age, the probability of failure has risen sharply.

We therefore recommend replacing the affected hardware promptly with a current model.

Your software license can be used unchanged with new hardware. For the purchase of new hardware please contact your contact your Intra2net sales partner.

The configuration, e-mails and other data can be simply be transferred to your new hardware. Instructions for transferring the data can be found here.

What happens if you continue to operate discontinued hardware after Dec. 31, 2016?

Cancelled is the certification of the hardware. This means that Intra2net will no longer check whether new new versions are still compatible with the discontinued hardware. It is therefore likely that a future software update will fail and your system will no longer be functional as a result.

New software updates include security and antivirus updates, as well as new features. This guarantees you high security, new innovations and protection against viruses. We therefore strongly advise not to install new software updates.

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