7.2. Network Cards

The Network cards Settings are used to configure the drivers for the network cards. The cards are automatically recognized and the detected configuration is displayed.

The current connection status is also displayed (X stands for connected, O for disconnected). This is useful for assigning the displayed names of the network cards (eth0, eth1, etc.) to the correct ports on the device. We recommend labeling the ports with adhesive tape at this point.

Using this menu, an IP address can be assigned to the network cards. During installation, select the IP address that matches the existing local network. Make sure that this IP address is not already used by another device.

The IPs on the local network should originate from one of the designated private network areas. These are:

  • / (to

  • / (to

  • / (to

Use Intranet (LAN with NAT) for the local network and DSL/Router for the Internet connection. No IPs can be stored for connecting to the Internet, as it takes place at a later point, during the provider configuration.

For more information on the different configuration types for network cards, refer to Section 9.1, „IPs and Networks“.

This menu is opened automatically during initial installation. If something has been changed on the network cards after installation, the Intra2net system must be adjusted to the new configuration using this menu.