41. Chapter - Case Studies and Examples

41.1. Example 1: Extending a Simple Client Profile

The following simple client profile is provided:

  • Access authorisation: WWW/FTP/E-Mail/News

  • Access to local networks not allowed

  • no additional services allowed

  • Web access via proxy: Forced Proxy

  • Fax transmission allowed: active

  • Email transfer only via Intra2net system: active

Create this client profile. Then convert it into a complete firewall ruleset and add a rule that allows access to a server on the Internet with IP via RDP protocol.

Create a client with the name "R10" and the IP and assign this firewall ruleset to it.

41.1.1. Sample Solution

Creating a network group for the client under Network > Firewall > Netgroups

Firewall Ruleset

Assign the new firewall ruleset to the client R10