13.2. Internet Access Statistics

These statistics can be used to monitor the transmission volume and online time for individual Internet providers as well as the clients connected to the Intra2net system.

For the data of the provider statistics, the effectively transmitted IP data volume (without encapsulation e.g. in PPPoE) and the time that the Intra2net system was online are used. These numbers should match what your provider charges you.

Internet access statistics are updated every 15 minutes; the time of the last update is shown below.

The individual statistics pages such as the monthly statistics of all clients can be exported as a CSV file and then imported into a spreadsheet program for further analysis.

13.2.1. Methodology

The transmission volume of clients is counted as packets that go to the Internet or the proxy server of the Intra2net system. Should the proxy retrieve web pages of an intranet server, these accesses can distort the statistics. If a client sends data into a VPN tunnel, the unencrypted data volume is counted. The data added by encryption, authentication and encapsulation are not included in the calculation.

Email transfers are not included in the transfer volume of a client.

The online time of a client is the time in which a data transfer counted as the transfer volume takes place. If there is a time span between two data transfers that is shorter than the timeout, this time span is also counted as online time. The timeout corresponds to the connection timeout of the provider set or, if the timeout is switched off, 300 seconds .