Press release 2024-04-15

Intra2net Security Gateway now supports DKIM signatures

Easy setup via wizard, higher email delivery rates and protection against spoofing attacks

Tübingen, 15.04.2024 - Security and groupware specialist Intra2net ( now supports DKIM signatures for sending and receiving emails. This enables companies to improve the deliverability of the emails they send and at the same time protect themselves against phishing and spoofing attacks. The DKIM functions are part of the new Intra2net Security Gateway 6.12 release.

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a process that uses digital signatures to ensure the authenticity and integrity of emails. This makes it possible to verify whether an email was actually sent from the specified domain and whether that content is authentic. Many large email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo and GMX are gradually moving towards blocking unsigned emails or classifying them as spam since the start of 2024. This may result in emails without a DKIM signature not being delivered correctly.

Easy DKIM setup via wizard

Intra2net Security Gateway 6.12 offers a new wizard with which the required DKIM keys can be created in just a few steps. Predefined profiles, guided setup and a diagnostic tool for checking the correct DKIM configuration and the DNS entry at the provider make it easier to activate email signing. The validity of the DKIM signature is automatically checked for incoming emails. Depending on the settings, emails can be rejected or quarantined. Other features such as the ability to sign subdomains and predefined email header profiles round out the functionality for practical use.

"Providers are increasingly enforcing their DKIM policies. Companies must therefore ensure that the emails they send actually reach their end customers and business partners," explains Steffen Jarosch, CEO of Intra2net AG. "This also includes protection against phishing and spoofing attacks. Notorious examples are the fraudulent emails to the accounting department known as CEO fraud, which pretend to come from a legitimate internal email address. With the new release, our customers can easily set up DKIM particularly and significantly increase the trustworthiness and security of their email communication."

Intra2net Security Gateway

Intra2net Security Gateway is a comprehensive UTM (Unified Threat Management) solution designed to protect networks, Internet traffic and email communication. Features include firewall, VPN for the secure connection of branch offices and mobile employees, spam filtering, antivirus and Internet access control. The solution is based on a hardened Linux operating system and can be flexibly deployed on in-house systems, as a virtual appliance or on the hardware appliances offered by Intra2net.

Pricing and availability

The new DKIM features are now available to all customers with valid Intra2net Security Gateway and Intra2net Business Server licenses at no additional cost.

An Intra2net Security Gateway license for 20 users including software maintenance for twelve months costs 530 euros RRP. Resellers can purchase Intra2net solutions from ALSO Deutschland and TMS Software Distribution.

Further information, the current price list and a product comparison can be found at

About Intra2net

Since 2001, Intra2net AG has specialized in security and groupware solutions. These offer companies effective protection for their network and support people in working together as a team. Its customers include over 5,000 small and medium-sized enterprises.

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