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One in five companies uses insecure Office packages

Intra2net study shows 21% of Microsoft Office packages are used in small businesses without updates

Tübingen, April 06, 2021 - One in five companies in Germany uses Office packages for which security updates are no longer offered. This is one of the findings of this year's SME study by Intra2net ( The groupware and security provider analyzed data from more than 1,500 PC workstations in small companies for the study.

Older Microsoft Office versions still have 21% market share

The figures from the March 2021 Intra2net study show that Office 2010 is still used on 17% and Office 2007 on 4% of workstations in the SMB segment. For the two Office versions that are more than ten years old, the end date of extended manufacturer support has long since passed. No more security updates will be provided by Microsoft.

Surging use of Office 2019

Small businesses migrating from older versions of Office are switching directly to Office 2019, and from an 8% market share in the 2020 SMB study, the latest Office package has significantly increased its share to 24%. Over the same period, Office 2010 usage dropped from 31% to 17%.

Microsoft Office 2016 with 37% market share

Office 2016 remains the most widely used version with 37% market share, this growing slightly by 3% year-on-year. Office 2013 is still used in 18% of companies.

"After the end of support for Office 2010, every fifth small business is using Microsoft Office packages without security updates," says Steffen Jarosch, CEO of Intra2net AG. "In addition to Office migration, the hafnium cyber-attacks raise the additional question of Microsoft Exchange security. For small companies that want to continue to run groupware systems on-premises, the Intra2net Business Server can be an alternative here, which can be used to simplify patch management in particular."

This year's SME study by Intra2net is based on a survey of 104 German companies with 10 to 49 employees and a total of 1,587 PC workstations running Microsoft Office.

Only companies without Hosted Exchange or Microsoft Office 365 were considered.

About Intra2net

Since 2001, Intra2net AG has specialized in security and groupware solutions. These offer companies effective protection for their network and support people in working together as a team. Its customers include over 5,000 small and medium-sized enterprises.

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