3.3. Cleaning and Care

For cooling, the units draw in air, which will always contain some amount of dust. The dust is sucked in and accumulates outside the unit in front of the dust protection grates.


This dust must be removed regularly to prevent overheating and accelerated degradation.

We recommend cleaning the equipment once a year for normal office spaces. The cleaning interval can be extended or shortened depending on the amount of dust accumulated.

To clean the unit, shut the device down and wait until it has completely turned itself off. Disconnect it from the power supply. Next, vacuum all ventilation openings with a commercial vacuum cleaner until no more dust can be seen from the outside.

With the Intra2net Appliance Eco, the ventilation openings are located on the right and left side. With the Intra2net Appliance Pro: on the right, left, and rear side. With the Intra2net Appliance Ultimate: front and rear. If the device is built into a rack, the device must either be removed or the sides of the rack opened to access the right and left sides.

The dust protection grates in the device are necessary for reliable operation and must not be removed. If dust enters the device unobstructed and accumulates, there is a danger of malfunction, overheating, short circuit and fire.