22.2. Linking Shared Folders

To link folders that other users have shared, follow these steps:

  1. Open the menu Groupware Client > Folder Linking.

  2. On the right side (server accounts) the shared folders appear below » Shared folders.

  3. Click, and with the mouse button held down, drag the desired folder on the right side to » Shared folders on the left side (Outlook). Release the mouse button once it is there.

  4. A dialog appears asking how the connection should be created. By default, the selected folder and all of its shared subfolders are connected. If new subfolders are created or shared on the server at a later stage, they will be automatically connected. Alternatively it is possible to connect only the selected folder without subfolders by unchecking this option.

    Some folder views in Outlook, such as the calendar view, do not display the folder hierarchy, but only a list of folder names. Therefore, it is recommended to give these folders unique names. The suggested name for a local folder includes the user name of the owner.

  5. The connected folder now appears on the left side (Outlook) below » Shared folders and the user name.