16.2. Timeserver

As soon as it is online, the Intra2net system keeps its own time updated by synchronizing itself with time servers on the Internet.

The time servers used can be set under Services > Time synchronisation. By default, time servers from a public pool are used. More information about this pool can be found at http://www.pool.ntp.org.

Computers from the intranet can use the Intra2net system as a source for their own time. The NTP and SMB protocols can be used for this purpose. To use the NTP protocol, it is possible to use a separate NTP program or enter the Intra2net system as the Internet Time Server in the clock properties under Windows. To use the SMB protocol, regularly (e.g. on every system startup) run the following command with administrator privileges:

net time \\intra.net.lan /set /yes

Of course, the local name or IP address of your Intra2net system must be used.