Intra2net Security Gateway - Protection against Malware

Protect your enterprise customers from blackmailing malware that has become a serious threat. After their systems have been infected, it is usually expensive to buy back the encrypted data from cyber criminals.

How Ransomware Works

Encryption and blackmail Trojans are malicious software that lock down your device and encrypt valuable data. According to the BSI, 80% of the malware is distributed by email attachments. Attachments are particularly common Office documents with forged invoices or applications sent by supposed contacts. If these documents are opened, your system is blocked and a ransom demand is displayed.

Proactively Protect your Business

Get to know the Intra2net Security Gateway for small and medium-sized enterprises now, and benefit from practical protection against crypto-trojans hidden within Office documents.

The Intra2net Security Gateway fends off dangers before other programs even recognize them. The following features for your email security are included:

Get to Know Our Malware Protection

Intra2net Security Gateway is available through our certified sales partners. They will be happy to make an individual offer, provide support during installation and offer ongoing maintenance and technical support.

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