Intra2net Business Server

Intra2net Business Server including Firewall, Mail Server and Groupware

Perfect Team Communication

Intra2net Business Server » The complete package for all forms of internet security, email and groupware services. This cost-effective Exchange alternative is particularly suitable for companies of 5 to 250 employees.

Calendar Sharing

With its mail server and groupware, the Intra2net Business Server offers the exact functions that small businesses need. Shared calendars, contacts and emails improve team communication.

  • Groupware with support for Microsoft Outlook, access via web client and data synchronization with mobile devices
  • Use Microsoft Outlook features as a team
  • Fast installation, easy administration and low licensing costs

The Intra2net Business Server on Tablet

Easy Remote Collaboration

The simple and secure connectivity of remote employees makes it possible to work with a notebook, smartphone or tablet from any location.

  • ActiveSync for Smartphones with Android, iOS and Windows Phone
  • Fast and secure data synchronization between devices
  • Email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes available virtually anywhere, anytime
Intra2net Business Server Security

Protect your Network

This comprehensive security package offers effective protection against the daily assault of viruses, spam and Trojans from the Internet.

  • Shared Internet access via DSL, fiber or leased line
  • Network Security: Multi-level firewall and secure VPN connection
  • Mail Security: Smooth email communication for your employees thanks to reliable spam filter, antivirus and protection against ransomware
  • Web Security: Time-based usage control for social media and websites. You determine which content your employees are allowed to access
  • Based on a security optimized Linux operating system

Freely Choose your Platform

The Intra2net Business Server is based on a security optimized Linux operating system and can be used as hardware, software or virtual machine.

System Requirements

Intra2net Business Server supports


Antivirus and anti-spam included