Press release 2021-01-18

Intra2net launches new license model

Reduction of entry prices and fixed user packages

Tübingen, Germany, Jan. 18, 2021 - Groupware and security specialist Intra2net ( is starting 2021 with a new licensing model. Customers will now benefit from a clearer pricing structure with fixed user packages. For the range from 5 to 100 users, ten license packages are available in a particularly small-step graduation. This makes it easier, faster and more secure for customers to order ESD licenses. For larger installations over 100 users, the classic quantity scale is applied.

Introductory license prices significantly reduced

Smaller license packages will become significantly cheaper. This also makes Intra2net's solutions attractively priced as an alternative to cloud offerings. For example, a 5-user license for the Intra2net Business Server is now available for as little as 290 euros net. Overall, depending on the software package selected, this results in entry prices that are up to 34 percent lower. Intra2net continues to rely on classic, unlimited running purchase licenses, while most of its competitors are pushing rental licenses.

"With the new licensing model, we are significantly reducing entry-level prices, which means an additional advantage for customers," says Steffen Jarosch, CEO of Intra2net AG. "At the same time, we are thus creating attractive alternatives to cloud offerings. With the abolition of the Privacy Shield, many small companies are increasingly opting for on-premises solutions again."

In addition to the groupware package Intra2net Business Server, Intra2net also offers the basic protection Intra2net Network Security and the unified threat management solution Intra2net Security Gateway. The software can be used either on the appliances offered by Intra2net, on the company's own x64 hardware or as a virtual machine.

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About Intra2net

Since 2001, Intra2net AG has specialized in security and groupware solutions. These provide companies with effective protection for their network and help people work together as a team. Its customers include over 5,000 small and medium-sized enterprises.

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