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Connect home office workstations quickly and securely via VPN Wizard

Intra2net Security Gateway 6.8 enables companies to easily VPN configure endpoints in just a few steps

Tübingen, Germany, May 26, 2020 - Groupware and security specialist Intra2net ( makes it significantly easier for companies to securely connect individual end devices via VPN with immediate effect. The new Intra2net Security Gateway 6.8 has a VPN wizard for the first time, which considerably reduces the effort for the connection and at the same time minimizes sources of error. The new release of the Intra2net Security Gateway is available to customers immediately as a software update.

Create VPN configuration in three steps

The new VPN Wizard enables quick creation of the configuration for individual end devices such as PCs, notebooks, smartphones or tablets in three steps. The configuration can be created within a few minutes using the easy-to-use wizard. minutes and is exported as a file for the end device. For devices running under Windows, macOS or Android operating systems, the NCP Secure Entry Client is available. Entry Client is available. Smartphones and tablets running Apple iOS are supported natively. supported. Possible errors during the setup process are avoided by a complex configuration check in the background during the creation of the VPN connection and prevented.

Strong security for home office connection

While the new wizard significantly speeds up the setup of VPN connections via IPsec significantly faster, there is no need to compromise on security. The gateway security solution is based on a specially hardened Linux operating system. The private key generated for the secure VPN connection is encrypted by password. and can thus be easily transferred with the configuration via e-mail or iCloud. The password can be transmitted in parallel by telephone, for example.

"Even independently of the current Corona pandemic, the VPN connection of mobile devices, for example in the home office, has often been a very and medium-sized companies," explains Steffen Jarosch, member of the Jarosch, board member of Intra2net AG. "With the new VPN Wizard in Intra2net. Security Gateway 6.8, we are able to reduce the effort per end device to about five minutes and at the same time effectively eliminate potential sources of error at the same time."

Prices and Availability

Intra2net Security Gateway 6.8 is available immediately and can be deployed as hardware, Software or virtual appliance. As a complete solution for Internet security and networking, the Intra2net Security Gateway protects small and medium-sized businesses from threats arising from e-mail communication and web use.

A 25-user license including software maintenance for twelve months costs 650 euros plus VAT

Further information and the current price list can be found at:

About Intra2net

Since 2001, Intra2net AG has specialized in security and groupware solutions. These offer companies effective protection for their network and support people to work together as a team. Its customers include more than 4,000 small and medium-sized companies

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