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Study by Intra2net: Over 30% of small businesses will need to update their office suite in 2020

Office 2010 still widely used despite upcoming end of support

Tübingen, 06.04.2020 - On October 13, 2020, manufacturer support for Microsoft Office 2010 will end. However, almost a third of small businesses in Germany still rely on this Germany rely on precisely this software package, which is a good ten years old - and the changeover is only is proceeding only slowly. This is the result of this year's SME study by the groupware and security provider Intra2net (, which used the figures from more than evaluated over 1,300 PC workstations in small businesses.

Only a quarter of Office 2010 users have migrated in the past year

According to the study, 31% of PC workstations in the SMB environment are currently still running Office 2010. And the comparison to the previous year indicates that the update OnPremises is proceeding rather slowly: at the beginning of 2019, Office 2010 still accounted for a share of 41%. Only about a quarter of these companies have migrated so far. 5% even still rely still on the even older Office 2007, for which support has already expired.

Office 2019 plays a minor role among SMEs so far

As expected, among the newer Office packages, the dominant versions among small companies are the versions Office 2013 with 22% and Office 2016 with a share of 34%. The new Office 2019 variant still plays a subordinate role, but was able to increase its share from but was able to increase its share from 2% to 8% compared to the previous year.

"In a good 180 days, manufacturer support will end and the use of Office 2010 in professional professional companies is actually no longer justifiable," explains Steffen Jarosch, CEO of Intra2net AG. "If you add the remaining Office 2007 users, there are urgent need for action in the coming months in 36% of small businesses - the clock is already ticking here already rather loudly. In this context, a changeover of the Exchange server is often on the agenda. is often on the agenda. As Exchange Server 2019 is not economically viable for many small companies, this is the for many small companies, this is where cost-effective Exchange alternatives such as the Intra2net Business Server come into play. This brings with it another advantage that experience has shown to be very much which is highly appreciated in the SME environment: The groupware system can still be operated in-house with continue to be operated in-house with Microsoft Outlook."

This year's SME study by Intra2net is based on a survey of 107 German companies with 10 to 49 employees and a total of 1,342 PC workstations running Microsoft Office.

Only companies without Hosted Exchange or Microsoft Office 365 were considered. without Hosted Exchange or Microsoft Office 365.

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